Top 5 Healthcare Topics of 2023

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As 2023 comes to a close, here at Engagys we are reflecting on the most noteworthy healthcare topics of the year. Keep reading to find out our best industry insights and recommendations from 2023.

Survey: Health Plans are Spending More, Using Multiple Channels to Give Health Care Consumers a World Class Member Experience

Results from the Seventh Annual Survey of Healthcare Consumer Engagement Practices reveal that over half of participating health plan executives report an increase in their member engagement budgets, indicating a higher focus on the consumer experience. Find out more about the engagement tactics, budgets, challenges, and priorities of the nation’s leading health plans

A Closer Look into Health Care Disparity: Social Risk Survey 2023

Certain disadvantaged groups are falling through the cracks in the health care system. Do you know who? A recent Engagys survey uncovers insights into the consumer ability to access care, behavioral health and isolation challenges, transportation barriers, and discrimination. Learn which groups are affected and how health plans can close these health equity gaps in our Social Risk and SDoH Consumer survey Findings 2023 eBook.

How To Jumpstart Self-reported Health Equity Data Collection

Health plans are prioritizing the pursuit of equitable healthcare, but it can be difficult to collect the necessary data from members. Here are three tips to make an immediate impact on soliciting and capturing self-reported health equity data.

Using Data to Improve Health Equity and Quality Care

By making health equity a part of the health plan stars measures and replacing a health equity index with the reward factor, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) is seeking to improve healthcare for all US consumers. Health plans can follow suit and make a difference by collecting data. Learn how with Engagys’ approach to driving behavior change.

Medicaid Redetermination Strategy: Communications Insights and Best Practices

The Consolidated Appropriations Act will require Medicaid and dual eligible health plan members to go through a redetermination process, but data shows that 60% of Medicaid beneficiaries are unaware their eligibility for Medicaid could be ending. Medicaid members require a unique engagement approach involving a different channel strategy and messaging tactics. In this post, we share three best practices to follow when communicating with a Medicaid population.

All the Best In 2024

Thank you for following along with us throughout 2023. If you have comments or ideas on what to cover in 2024, drop us a note at We wish you a happy new year and look forward to sharing more insights and recommendations in 2024.