Healthcare Consumer Engagement

Close the Last Mile

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Healthcare Consulting, Research and Advisory

Engagement Solutions

Creating data-informed, consumer-centric experiences that improve results and lower medical spend.


Transformation Solutions

Driving infrastructure changes, multi-channel orchestration and incorporating digital health to improve member experience and consumer behavior change results.


Advisory Solutions

Providing healthcare leaders with essential insights and experience gained from millions of healthcare consumer interactions.


Training Solutions

Arming our clients with the knowledge and expertise to continually optimize their programs and consumer engagement rates.


Impact / Outcomes

With decades of experience in healthcare combined, and hundreds of marketing and engagement projects, Engagys personnel have driven significant value in revenue generation, consumer behavior change and more.

10-15% Improvement in enrollment rates for a call center technology, process, and messaging implementation
$6M Annual revenue enhancement associated with campaign design improvements
$3M Annual cost reductions associated with campaign design changes, agent handle time reductions, and vendor consolidation