B2B Solutions

Engagys partners with health technology companies to create optimized brand architecture and positioning, buyer journey and customer experience mapping, and go-to-market strategy. Focused exclusively on healthcare, our team understands the strategies and practicalities needed for healthcare enterprises to reach their goals, and we do the work.

We won’t leave you with a PowerPoint deck and no further explanation. We design the flow charts, write the copy, produce the designs, configure the software, generate the leads, and train the team. And when you’re ready, we’ll hand over the keys. Our B2B clients service payers, providers, and employers with consumer health engagement-related offers. Our solutions provide our clients with:

  • Domain expertise focused exclusively on healthcare engagement, including direct marketing techniques, behavioral economics, evidence-based communications insights, and best practices.
  • Experience and personnel who have worked with dozens of healthcare enterprises and collectively have centuries of experience in healthcare including health plan payers, PBMs, condition management firms, and pharmacy.
  • Engagys’ unique approach that focuses on the details, allowing us to integrate into the client team to ease staffing and resource burdens.

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I also have to thank you for your partnership. We are very glad we found you and the whole Engagys team. Our work together this year has been important and impactful.

Chief Marketing Officer, healthcare information technology company

Results that Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs

Our full-service business solutions provide clients with end-to-end execution to ensure success.

B2B Marketing
Klas award

10-15% improvement in enrollment rates for a call center technology, process, and messaging implementation.

Client earned a best in KLAS for their offering and the industry leader stopped working on their similar product and struck a deal to instead white label our client’s offering.

Aside from the KLAS awards, our nearest competitor in that space stopped building their competing product and started white labeling ours. So, we’re very proud of how well it’s all progressing.

Senior Vice President, medication intelligence technology company


Engagys uncovered tactics for and expected 15-30% improvement in Medicare market enrollment through a market summary and sizing analysis that re-shaped the client’s product offerings and strategy.

About Engagys

Engagys is the leading healthcare engagement consulting and research firm. With decades of experience in healthcare and having deployed hundreds of marketing and engagement projects, Engagys has driven significant value in revenue generation, consumer behavior change, and more. Learn more about Engagys.