Engagys’ training services arm our clients with the knowledge and expertise to continue to optimize their outreach campaigns, programs, and subsequent consumer engagement rates. Training includes content such as guides, dictionaries, and playbooks. We conduct virtual and in person sessions to train your whole team on behavioral science, copywriting strategies, communications channel and population considerations, and segmentation strategies.

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Healthcare Consumer Engagement Experts

Engagys is the only healthcare consultancy that is focused on consumer health engagement. Our experienced team leverages evidenced-based communication insights and best practices gained from hundreds of millions of healthcare member interactions. Our approaches are all about actionability and we have extensive experience working with all population types including commercial, Medicare, Medicare Duals, and Medicaid. Our training sessions will help you engage your healthcare consumers to help you achieve your consumer engagement goals.

The Engagys Difference

  • Deep healthcare expertise
  • Insights from millions of health engagement interactions
  • Authors of thousands of healthcare interventions
  • Insights from behavioral science and direct marketing principles
  • Extensive experience training healthcare executives at various types of organizations

Training Solutions

Audience intelligence

Audience Intelligence

Gain an understanding of your populations and how to address their specific pain points. Learn how to uncover the “aha insights” that can transform your engagement results.

Insight: For senior populations, more frequent communications containing less complex messages drive better outcomes than fewer communications with more complex messages.

Program architecture

Program Architecture

Learn how to best deliver an end-to-end member experience – timing, frequency, channel selection, synchronous and asynchronous design, and data management. Also, understand how to navigate compliance and address blackout periods.

Insight: Adding email as a channel for Medicare members typically increases preventive screenings.

Actionable segmentation

Actionable Segmentation

Master the art of persona definition and develop segment-specific messaging, channel strategies, and measurement approaches.

Insight: Segmentation strategies can increase enrollment rate in condition management programs by more than 50%.

Behavioral science

Behavioral Science

Learn about behavioral economics and other data-driven behavior change models that have been proven in healthcare communications.

Insight: Applying the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) tactic with a simple question, “Are you sure,” typically increases healthcare engagement up to 30% when applied in certain program types.

Multi channel design

Multi-Channel Design

Understand how to effectively communicate using channels such as web, live agent, social media, IVR, email, letter, and SMS text.

Insight: Adding a channel often increased engagement rate by 10% or more.

Message content copy writing

Message Content and Copy Writing

Learn how to use plain language, avoid promotional techniques, personalize by segment, and drive action.

Insight: Use of personalization for pharmacy outreach can nearly double refill rates.

Crm marketing automation

CRM and Marketing Automation

Gain an understanding of key capabilities and considerations required to create a seamless experience and enable next best action.

Insight: Poor application of automation has led to health plan members receiving dozens of communications in a single month.



Better understand the communication metrics and KPIs that make sense for your organization. Learn how to design an A/B experiment correctly.

Insight: Proper use of A/B testing can elevate program participation rates by more than 30%.

Engagys Approach

We meet with training sponsors to discuss current state of consumer engagement expertise, training objectives, audience, and venue. We then prepare a customized proposal that best meets your needs including subject matter to be discussed, exercises to be facilitated, training duration, and pricing. Engagys training is tailored to meet your teams’ specific needs.

About Engagys

Engagys is the leading healthcare engagement consulting and research firm. With decades of experience in healthcare and having deployed hundreds of marketing and engagement projects, Engagys has driven significant value in revenue generation, consumer behavior change, and more. Learn more about Engagys.