Healthcare Communications Transformation Solutions

Healthcare consumerism is demanding that payers make information more readily available to educate and inform consumers. Navigating provider networks, understanding claims and out-of-pocket costs, and properly utilizing tools and programs all take center stage. Payers must eliminate large volumes of redundant communications to reduce recipient fatigue and confusion and support smart health decisions.

Communications Transformation Solution—Focused on Member Experience and Results

Our three-phased approach provides clients with optimal recommendations for immediate execution:

  • Phase I: Communications Inventory Collection & Assessment—Documentation of all communication inventory, providing visibility into the total volume of communications across various criteria
    • Objective: Identify short- and long-term opportunities including overlap and rationalization options
    • Output: Communications inventory data set and associated reports
  • Phase II: Process & Technology Landscape—Assess opportunities to streamline processes, honor member preferences and increase visibility to front-line associates
    • Objective: Provide gap analysis and define actionable recommendations in a multi-phased approach
    • Output: Opportunity summary, strategic roadmap, and value proposition
  • Phase III: Mobilization—Implement strategic initiatives identified in Phases I & II, rationalize and reimagine communications, increase digital adoption and deliver an enterprise-wide logical architecture
    • Objective: Prioritize initiatives, identify key stakeholders and establish key deliverables and milestones to accelerate time to value
    • Output: Initiatives dashboard
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Quick Wins

Quick wins identified to drive results:

  • Convert assets from print-to-digital
  • Eliminate select communications
  • Create governance process and tools
  • Decrease required front line and IT resources
  • Increase consistency and quality
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Power of Digital Transformation
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Document & System Review

Collection and review of process, system, and reporting documents

  • Technical Process Flows
  • Development & Approval Processes
  • Data Source and Systems
  • Performance Report
  • Application Screen
  • Shots & Demos
  • Cost Reports
  • Voice of Customer Data
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Stakeholder Alignment

Uncover gaps to build process models

  • Lines of Business
  • Operations
  • Clinical
  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Digital
  • Customer Experience
  • IT

  • Quality
  • Customer Service/ Claims
  • Appeals
  • Finance
  • Sourcing

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Technology Evaluation

Build logical architecture and evaluate optimal technology partners

  • Vendor Scope
  • Process Area Drill Downs
  • Client Inputs
  • Improvement Priorities
  • Pain Points
  • Untapped Capabilities