Multi-channel Healthcare Engagement Design

The explosion of digital channel use in healthcare driven by the pandemic presents a tremendous opportunity for healthcare organizations to create an optimized multi-channel member experience. Healthcare organizations have many channels at their fingertips but as an industry, there are still challenges in how to use those channels to build a cohesive experience. They need insights to understand which channels make sense for what actions and which populations, and how to combine channels for the most successful outcome. To make digital a significant tool in a successful communications strategy, capturing appropriate preferences and permissions across the majority of populations needs to be in place. When designing the same message to be optimized across various channels, messages should be altered for different channels based on proven best practices. Healthcare entities need to design their multi channel campaigns with a holistic view of communications to make digital engagement a true competitive advantage.

The Engagys Difference

  • Deep healthcare expertise
  • Insights from millions of health engagement interactions applied
  • Behavioral science and direct marketing principles employed
  • A/B testing for program optimization
Engagys Offerings:
  • Marketing automation
  • IVR design
  • Scripting
  • Journey building
Technology experience with:
  • Salesforce
  • Panviva
  • Marketo
  • Hubspot
  • Twilio

Proven Strategy and Results

Engagys has helped numerous clients apply the best of behavioral economics, marketing principles, and healthcare engagement insights to quickly drive targeted populations to action.

Multi-channel Engagement Strategy
Multi channel strategy
Multi-channel communications strategy
  • Accurately visualize, build, test, and manage multi-channel consumer journeys
  • People, process, and technology assessment including a detailed gap analysis
  • Investigation of current technologies to leverage short-term solutions
  • Seamless member experience with real-time channel coordination: members pause on one channel and continue on a different channel
  • Results: Enabled 10% decrease in net new communications by coordinating current channels
Print digital strategy
Print-to-digital strategy
  • Detailed capabilities summary and vendor research for long-term recommendations
  • Quick-win implementation – Digital adoption campaign
  • Vendor RFP execution, management, and selection recommendations
  • Human data transcription burden reduction
  • Results: Increased digital preferences driving millions of dollars in print spend savings
Outbound condition management
Outbound condition management
  • Consumer engagement strategy project to identify and prioritize improvement initiatives
  • Development of revised call center process and messaging
  • Oversight of call center technology and deployment
  • Results: 50% increase in enrollment rates for a condition management program
Multi channel deployment
Multi-channel communications deployment
  • Consultation on capture mechanism and language including UX design, taxonomy, and channels
  • IVR, letter scripts rewritten with behavioral science methods to increase participation
  • Add RN call where appropriate to key targets (including a control group to measure outcomes)
  • Optimize and personalize both introduction letter and leave-behind tips
  • Results: 25% increase in engagement and preventive screening rates
Agile marketing implementation
Agile marketing process implementation
  • Barrier analysis, behavioral economics principles, and personalized messages
  • Rapid test-and-learn emails through Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Drastically change creative to address consumer barriers
  • Results: A/B testing using behavioral science yielded 2X+ increases in network steerage successes, 15%+ increases in switches from brand to generic drugs, 20%+ increases in gaps closure and more
Knowledge management deployment
Knowledge Management Deployment
  • Business case for design decisions outlining use of behavioral economics
  • Playbook summarizing deployment best practices
  • Training and enablement materials to educate users and stakeholders
  • Perform technical integration to demonstrate productivity gains
  • Results: reductions in average handle time and increases in first call resolution

Practitioner Spotlight

Christopher O’Brien

Mr. O’Brien has worked as an advisor and consultant within healthcare for more than 20 years. He specializes in leveraging data to achieve high-value business outcomes. His roles have included the development of analytical strategy within payors’ claims and provider operations, development of predictive models across various clinical, behavioral, operational, sales, product, and marketing applications, data product development and ownership, population health campaign design and optimization via behavioral economics concepts, business process simulation and reengineering, and market research.