Healthcare Engagement Strategy

Creating the Consumer Experience

To solve our country’s healthcare problems, we need to address engagement, and engagement starts with creating the right experience to enable consumer behavior change on their terms. But it just got a whole lot harder. Health entities are being compared to Amazon and Netflix, where consumer experiences are managed as the sum of an individual’s interactions. And, in this environment, if you are not intentionally building positive experiences, then most likely you are creating negative ones. There is no neutral. Today, there is too much at stake to not drive a data-informed, consumer-centric experience.

What’s different about us? Because our team has spent the last decade driving actionable insights to close the last mile of engagement, when we develop a strategy, it is all about actionability.

Our team has worked with dozens of healthcare clients who face daunting consumer engagement challenges – poor consumer satisfaction, rising costs of engagement, inadequate and siloed systems. Where to begin? That’s where Engagys comes in. We help prioritize change initiatives in context of impact and ease of implementation. We include a list of “quick win” design and policy opportunities which can be implemented in six months or less allowing you to generate early financial returns that can help fund longer-term improvements.

We evaluate the current performance of your engagement processes, technologies, organizational approaches, and even third-party vendors. We then compare these data to known engagement techniques and performance benchmarks, identifying the best opportunities. And then we help you implement. You won’t be left with a PowerPoint filled with recommendations on your desk. You’ll achieve real outcomes with our help: administrative and medical cost reduction, consumer experience improvement, and improved consumer retention and acquisition.

Most importantly, our solutions are designed with the end consumer in mind. We find the best ways to improve your interactions with consumers, on an enterprise-by-enterprise basis—customized by client to address specific strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity. Whether it is standing up a governance process for digital enablement or evaluating the latest technologies to enable next-best-action for the consumer, our results have proven that when you get it right for the consumer, you get it right for the business.

Engagys clearly demonstrated unique knowledge, perspective and skills acting as a true extension of our team.

Senior Director, National Health Plan