Healthcare Engagement Design

Driving Digital Transformation

Unfortunately, “if you build it” they do not automatically come. We have seen healthcare enterprises of all shapes and sizes implement digital strategies, tools, and devices only to have them go unused. How many folks are downloading apps? How many that download are actually using the app? We help turn your digital strategy into a consumer-centric digital transformation.

Our approach to designing highly effective engagement is comprehensive – including not just the technical deployment, but also the messaging approach, the details of campaign design, the organizational implications, governance approaches, and data management processes. Digital transformation enables the consumer to build a more effective and efficient relationship with you—not just digital for digital’s sake. Our Engagement Design services result in greater enrollment rates, improved sustained engagement, and increased product use. Engagys leverages deep expertise, the latest in behavioral science and direct marketing principles, and the insights gained from managing millions of consumer health-related interactions to optimize the performance of your engagement operations and outreach.

Consumer Behavior-Based Methodology

Engagys’ comprehensive approach is grounded in the idea of leveraging data as the basis for strategy, design, and research. Yet not all data is created equal. With a decade of experience optimizing health engagement based on data, our team will help you quickly identify the elements that matter. These data can be sourced from hospital and provider EHRs, purchase transactions, website interactions, responses to direct marketing outreach, health plan claims data, and also available proprietary data bases.

B2C Solutions

Our B2C Engagement Design solutions assist healthcare payers, healthcare technology companies, and providers to drive improved consumer engagement. We collaborate with you to document engagement strategies, goals, and objectives in context of current interaction processes, messaging models, and barriers to engagement. We look at your stakeholder and enterprise organizational models, performance drivers, and measurement approaches, creating a design suited to your capabilities. Leveraging a foundation in behavioral economic theory and experience with proven best practices in healthcare, we incorporate traditional direct marketing techniques into our deployment of healthcare-specific communications. Our team determines best channels, improves data management processes, writes copy, establishes frequency and timing of interactions, and leads the overall deployment. Ensuring that people, processes, and technology are in alignment, we work with you to optimize your outreach campaigns and subsequent consumer engagement rates.

B2B2C Solutions

Our B2B2C solutions help you engage with your enterprise customers and in turn help them better engage directly with their consumers. Leveraging our deep understanding of the healthcare consumer engagement industry, as well as traditional strategy and marketing techniques, we drive consensus around company and product positioning, pinpoint the most differentiated value proposition, and create tangible assets to support your revenue generation and retention efforts – sales enablement materials, value calculators, training materials, and product roadmaps.

Our team will then support your efforts to enhance products and service enterprise clients by assisting with architectural design, leading software deployments, and instituting repeatable implementation processes.

Remaining engaged with hard-to-reach study participants is imperative for our lifesaving cancer prevention research. Using Engagys’ behavioral science methods was something new for us and was extremely valuable in helping us reach our scientific goals.

Marji McCullough, ScD, RD Senior Scientific Director, Epidemiology Research, American Cancer Society