Using our expertise in healthcare consumer engagement and digital transformation, we focus on projects related to Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud. We provide software configuration and implementation services, direct-to-consumer campaign design and outsourcing services, architecture and integration services, and data science and analytic services to providers and payers who are striving for a consistent and well-orchestrated consumer experience.

Why Engagys?

  • Our expertise spans Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid populations in support of: health plans, condition management companies, provider systems, and PBMs.
  • As the leading healthcare consumer engagement consulting and research firm, our experts have worked together for years building on experience gained working for and with healthcare technology service companies, management consulting firms, and healthcare enterprises.
  • We have delivered successful projects both at the strategic level and at the tactical level, and our personnel are known for working the details.

Salesforce Solutions

Specialists and Consultants trained and certified in Service Cloud/Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, and other products allow us to serve the entire US including Puerto Rico & Hawaii.