Regional Health Plan Transforms Medicare Member Experience Resulting in Improved CAHPS Scores and Stars Ratings

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At a Glance:

  • Optimized client’s Medicare member experience strategy and delivery through updated communications, behavioral science techniques, personas & segmentation, and standardized measurement
  • Improved member experience, CAHPS scores, and Stars ratings

Business Opportunity:

A regional health plan sought to transform their Medicare member experience. They needed a solution to enhance communications, upgrade member experience, and improve CAHPS scores and Stars ratings.

Client Type:

Regional health plan offering health insurance and similar services to commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid populations to meet the needs of individuals, families, and employers.

Engagys Solution:

Engagys deployed a full-spectrum member experience solution including:

  • Conducted current state assessment and gap analysis
  • Created a centralized communications map
  • Transformed their outreach strategy from utilization-based personas to needs-based personas
  • Revised outbound CAHPS call scripts to include empathy, behavioral science, and personalized messaging
  • Created a customized communications best practices playbook
  • Trained call center agents at employing the latest in behavioral science reducing the cognitive burden for both the member and the call center rep
  • Revised hundreds of member communications across the organization to include behavioral science techniques including messaging around:
    • CAHPS communications
    • Urgent COVID communications regarding benefits
    • HEDIS
    • HOS
    • Acquisition/Retention
    • Pharmacy/PDP
    • AEP/Enrollment
    • Regional Health Plan Graphic


Engagys designs engagement programs with deliverables and results in mind. For this health plan, Engagys:

  • Completed work in multiple 90-120 day phases
  • Identified quick wins within first 60 days
  • Optimized effectiveness of communications across all channels including print, live agent talk tracks, and SMS text using behavioral science best practices for senior audiences
  • Suggested appropriate communication channels and messaging cadence for optimum member experience and action
  • Developed over 10 behavior-based personas and tailored messaging strategy per persona
  • Customized communications best practices playbook for ongoing initiatives focused on behavioral science strategies specifically aimed at increasing satisfaction and CAHPS scores


This comprehensive member-centric communications strategy resulted in:

  • Increased member satisfaction
  • Increased member engagement
  • Improved CAHPS scores
  • Improved Stars Rating

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