Multi-channel Orchestration through Optimized Process and Technology

Digitizing and optimizing communications to create a seamless, consumer-centric, personalized healthcare experience

Similar to the financial services institutions of yesteryear, today healthcare enterprises typically face greater obstacles than their peers in other industries. Siloed departments, privacy and compliance mandates, and legacy data management platforms often create fragmented and cumbersome structures. This fragmentation results in various platforms housing different types of data such as member contact information, member risk profiles, claims data, health information, and even billing history. Individual members might even be known by different names and ID numbers on those disparate platforms. While these issues hamper the drive to multi-channel orchestration in healthcare, Engagys’ expertise in healthcare consumer engagement and technology-agnostic approach ensure that all stakeholders are part of the process.

The Engagys Difference:

  • Healthcare engagement focused
  • Technology agnostic
  • Experts in orchestration of digital and non-digital channels
  • Authors of thousands of healthcare interventions

Drive operational efficiencies, improve medical outcomes, and increase digital engagement and consumer experience

Engagys has helped numerous clients transform their consumers’ experiences into an intentional and cohesive journey. Recent examples include:

Multi channel strategy
Multi-channel communications strategy
  • Member communications governance
  • Intake process and technology enablement
  • SMS text and email processes
  • Reporting and technology enablement
Print digital strategy
Print-to-digital strategy
  • Multi-channel communications inventory
  • Future-state technology architecture and process model
  • Quick-win implementation – digital adoption campaign
  • Vendor RFP execution, management, and selection recommendations
Outbound condition management
Outbound condition management
  • Consumer 360 view deployment
  • Inbound/outbound optimized configuration for print, email and contact center
  • Integrated queue management and case assignment
  • Automated personalized agent scripting
Multi channel deployment
Multi-channel communications deployment
  • Multi-channel taxonomy definition
  • Multi-channel data architecture
  • MVP consumer-centric database deployment
Agile marketing implementation
Agile marketing process implementation
  • Role definition (copywriters, graphic designers, marketing automation platform engineers, data scientists, and data engineers)
  • Best practices and knowledge management model
  • Channel orchestration strategy – print, email, IVR
Knowledge management deployment
Knowledge management deployment
  • Priorities and business case for patient contact center solution
  • Knowledge management platform deployment supporting omni-channel communications
  • Staff knowledge artifact training and mentoring