Healthcare Engagement Assessment Solutions

As anyone in business has learned, investing sufficient time to properly define an organizational challenge is the only way to ensure that the end results provide the right solution to meet the business need. Balancing the demand to accurately define the problem while resolving it in a time-sensitive manner can be tricky. Engagys’ Healthcare Engagement Assessment Solutions are meeting this demand head-on.

Engagys Healthcare Assessment Solutions—Focused on Results

Whether it be an operational process, administrative need, or technology application, our three-phased approach provides clients with optimal recommendations for immediate execution:

  • Phase I: Engagement Performance Benchmarking—Assessment of people, processes, and technologies to inform both short and long-term initiatives
    • Objective: Identify areas for improvement and inform quick win implementations
    • Output: Stakeholder interview summaries and comprehensive business issues list
  • Phase II: Prioritization—Deep dive into preliminary findings to prioritize improvement opportunities and organize into strategic initiatives
    • Objective: Define actionable, multi-phased approach for business leadership
    • Output: Detailed analysis of critical issues and potential quick wins
  • Phase III: Mobilization—Mobilize implementation efforts, coordinate a kick-off meeting, and establish measurement mechanisms
    • Objective: Create speed-to-value in collaboration with business stakeholder teams
    • Output: Comprehensive opportunity summary and strategic roadmap

Quick Wins

Many quick wins were identified to drive results, including:

  • Increasing Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Reducing compliance risks
  • Decreasing costs
  • Decreasing required call center agent resources
  • Increasing revenue
  • Providing governance
  • Increasing quality

Client Spotlight: Outbound Engagement Assessment

One of the nation’s largest pharmaceutical benefits management (PBM) companies turned to Engagys to assess the current state of its outbound communications activities and provide prioritized recommendations. Dozens of individual business issues were identified which were preventing the client from achieving its goal of consumer-centric member engagement. Issues spanned inconsistent data management, disparate design and approval processes, siloed technology approaches, and incomplete governance infrastructure.

Document & System Review

Collection and review of over 60+ outbound dialer process, system, and reporting documents
• Call Schedules
• Call Logs
• Process Flows
• Data Sources and Systems
• Performance Reports
• Application Screen Shots & Demos
• Cost Reports
• Voice of Customer Data

Team Member Discussions

25+ targeted conversations with outbound dialer leadership and supporting teams*

  • Lines of Business
  • Operations
  • Clinical
  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Digital
  • Customer Experience
  • IT
  • Quality
  • Customer Service
  • Appeals
  • Workforce Mgmt.
  • Sourcing

Vendor Interviews

Deep dive discussions with key vendors focused on process improvements and data management

  • Vendor Scope
  • Process Area Drill Downs
  • Client Inputs
  • Improvement Priorities
  • Pain Points
  • Untapped Capabilities