2024: Embrace the Mission

2024 Mission and goals for Engagys

January always draws upon the urge to reflect on the previous year’s events. Not one to live in the past, I enjoy the opportunity the new year brings to hit ‘reset’ as we sail into the first quarter. Yet 2023 brought with it much change in healthcare—and Engagys was here for it. So, while I’m still looking ahead, it seems worthwhile to take a moment and recognize both what we were able to accomplish as a firm this past year, and what we plan to tackle in 2024.

This past year our work:

  • Doubled Social Security enrollment among a Medicaid population of people living with disabilities.
  • Increased use of Medicare Advantage transportation benefits among those in need by 15% - 40% depending upon the region.
  • Achieved an 80%+ completion rate for consumers overdue for their Annual Wellness Visit.

These positive impacts were the result of various member engagement programs executed on behalf of both our national and regional health plan clients. We optimized one regional payer’s Medicare member experience strategy, directly improving both their CAHPS scores and Stars ratings. Yet another engagement program demonstrated a 2X enrollment in diabetes, fracture prevention, and hypertension condition management programs.

Engagys’ effect on the healthcare market, and Medicare beneficiaries in particular, has been both gratifying and humbling. We understand the opportunities that abound, and these successes serve as a springboard for us as we enter 2024, helping us to better define those areas of the market where we expect to make the most impact, including:

Engagys’ mission for 2024, if we choose to accept it (and we do): Improve the health of 100 million Americans by 2025. It’s a big goal, but we’re focused and looking forward to driving better health outcomes over the next 12 months and beyond.

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Melissa Meyerowitz

Melissa’s dynamic career has been spent spearheading successful marketing and business development programs nationally across various healthcare entities. She has expertise in analyzing business opportunities based on market needs and short and long-range organizational priorities. In addition to developing appropriate solutions and go-to-market initiatives based upon analysis of business needs and positioning, she combines expertise in strategic market planning, organizational leadership, and project management with strong qualifications in new product/service development, and market launch.

Melissa spent 12 years working at Welltok (formerly Silverlink). Prior to Welltok, she worked at both HighRoads and AonHewitt. Melissa has both a BA and an MBA from Boston University.