Gen Z and Healthcare

Do You Know How Gen Z Feels about Healthcare?

Study Results: Healthcare’s Newest Consumers’ Perceptions

The oldest members of Generation Z, those born after 1997, will be turning 26 in 2023 and aging off their parents’ health plans. Executed in summer 2022, 434 members of Gen Z responded to Engagys’ survey on their healthcare attitudes. Find out what’s important to them when it comes to their health.

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Survey Demographics

79.3% respondents are 20-26 years old

1.4% under 17

19.4% 17-19

45.9% 20-22

23.7% 23-25

9.7% 26+

All genders and ethnicities are represented with most respondents identifying as female and white.

Gender and ethnicities surveyed

36.4% of respondents are employed full time.

27.7% employed part-time

7.8% unemployed (currently looking for work)

3.5% unemployed (currently not looking for work)

24.7% student

Health icon


already get health insurance through an employee plan


get it through their parents' plan

22.2% have an individual/student plan

7.3% do not have health insurance

Gen Z Uses Extra Benefits

Discount icon


of participants reported using a discount provided by their health insurance for things like glasses, gym memberships, or food services.

Telehealth icon


have used a telehealth service with it being most used for routine care visit followed by mental health services and illnesses.

What have you used telehealth services for?

17.9% Illness

22.5% Routine care/Wellness visit

19.1% Counseling and mental health

8.1% Dermatology

8.1% Prescriptions for medicine

Gen Z Wants and Uses Technology Channels


of respondents get their health insurance information from the card holder although more than a quarter (26.8%) go to the website.


of respondents reported they are not getting any information from their health plan while 27.8% reported getting email communications from their plan.


would like information through digital channels.

If it was up to you, how would you choose to be communicated with by your health insurance company?

40.6% emails

33.7% texts

16.9% phone calls

7.1% I do not want to receive communications

1.7% Other

Gen Z Values Health and Wellness

The vast majority of respondents reported personal health and wellness, mental health, and healthy eating and nutrition as either important or very important to them but only 28% think their health plan values their personal and mental health.

Hand heart

The importance of personal health and wellness

Brain icon

The importance of mental health

Healthy eating icon

The importance of healthy eating and nutrition

Only 23.3% of respondents reported that they fully understand healthcare. To best serve Gen Z, health insurance companies could focus on first and foremost, educating this generation about their health plan.

Health insurance companies could also ensure this segment is receiving personalized information through their preferred technology channels, highlighting the mental health and extra benefits available, and emphasizing the commitment to supporting their personal wellness.

Focusing on what’s important to this generation will go a long way in providing a positive member experience to a cohort that makes their opinion known on social media.

Download the full Infographic